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selection of ripamonti

Quarry Machines

  • Machines for squaring blocks using an excavator base, rail system, or roller
  • Easy mobility in stone quarries
  • Manual and automatic operation with autonomous perforation capability
  • Large touchscreen displays, data storage, and PC download for work planning
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Crawler Rigs

  • Perfect for micro piles, tie rods, and self-drilling anchors
  • Powerful and compact machines with high-quality hydraulic systems
  • Drills 80-220 mm diameter for various applications (micropiles, tie rods, consolidations)
  • Can be equipped with rotary head or top hammer application
  • Remote control for safety, low-wear drilling slide, and new boom kinematics for large drilling areas.
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Excavator Attachments

  • Fully customizable to suit the demands of your project or machinery
  • Attachments are easy to install and remove
  • Fully remote controllable
  • Wide field of application
  • Long-reach possibilities
  • More flexible than a drill rig
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Geothermic Drills

  • Compact designs
  • Ability to rotate 360-degrees
  • Easy to use
  • Extremely versatile
  • Three different size ranges
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Acrobatic Drills

  • Lightweight drilling machines for extreme projects
  • Fully customizable to suit the demands of your project or machinery
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic power
  • Remote or manual control
  • Large variety of rotary and drifter options
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